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what is Sparkle Pet?

Sparkle Pet, LLC provides professional mobile grooming services for all breeds of dogs and cats. We serve the Flathead communities of Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Bigfork, Lakeside and Somers. Our mission is to make your companion sparkle in the most comfortable and stress free manner possible.

why use a mobile grooming service?

Mobile grooming offers many advantages to salon grooming. First and foremost, your pet will be more comfortable if you choose to use a mobile groomer. Pet grooming salons are generally busy places with many different dogs and cats. Often, pets are kept in cages while they wait to be groomed, or while they wait to be picked up after grooming. While not dangerous, this can be quite stressful for pets - especially those not accustomed to cages or other animals. Sparkle Pet does things differently: we arrive on site, collect your pet and begin work right away. If you have multiple animals, you can choose to have them wait safely inside our spacious van while their playmate gets groomed, or in your home. With Sparkle Pet, your pets are never caged and have no contact with unfamiliar animals, which makes the grooming experience less stressful for all involved.

Mobile grooming with Sparkle Pet also ensures that your pet is seen by the same groomer each time - there is only one Francine! You won't need to worry about whether the new gal knows how you like Fluffy's ears done, or whether the groomer on duty knows about Buster's painful knee. A good groomer will quickly learn your pet's individual preferences, personality and problems and be able to tell you if something seems different. In fact, many medical problems are first discovered by attentive groomers. Your pet will also become accustomed to seeing the same faces at each appointment. This makes them more comfortable and trusting during the grooming process, resulting in a happier, better looking pet.

Of course, many clients choose Sparkle Pet mobile grooming for one reason: convenience. We drive to you, eliminating the need for two trips to the salon (dropoff and pickup). You won't need to rearrange your schedule trying to find time to bring your pet to an off-site groomer. No more wrestling your cat into its travel box, or squeezing your 5 Irish setters into the back seat of the sedan! Sparkle Pet comes direct to your home or business saving you time, energy and hassle.